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The Subterranean Sun is our very sporadic Grotto newsletter, affectionately referred to as the Sub Sun. All delivery is now electronic. There is no fixed publishing schedule. It just comes out when we have enough to print, and occasionally even when we don't have enough. We also very occasionally send out more urgent Sub Sun e-Flashes via e-mail.

The Sub Sun welcomes exchanges with other caving publications. Exchanges will receive an e-mail with the URL when a new issue comes out. Contact Jim to arrange an exchange. Permission for copying is granted to all other caving organizations as long as proper credit is given and we are notified of the usage.

Meredith Hall Johnson is the editor of the Sub Sun. She encourages all members to submit trip reports, pictures, poems, or or any other material for the next issue to her.

Previous issues:
    August 2002 (HTML)
    November 2001 (HTML)
    November 2000 (HTML)
Bob Hoke is currently scanning the existing archives of the Sub Sun. More information will be posted here when the scan is completed and back issues become available.

PDF issues require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, get it here:

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