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Silers Gate Repair Project 2001
New: Silers Gate Repairs Sept. 2002!!!
Sligo Grotto

The Sligo Grotto is a local chapter of the National Speleological Society, with membership centered around Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and West Virginia. We are cavers from all walks of life dedicated to caves and caving, with particular interests in:

Conservation and Protection
Surveying and Mapping
Photo and Video Documention
Just plain having fun!

We are dedicated to protecting the caves we visit, and are active in landowner relations, cave management, and cave conservation and restoration. We provide training for cavers of all experience levels and always encourage safe, low-impact caving.

At the current time, we do not hold regularly scheduled meetings. We simply meet where and when we cave and party. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Our members share many outdoors-oriented interests and our activities are not limited to caving. We can also often be found hiking, rock climbing, canoeing/kayaking, biking, etc. In other words, any excuse to get outside and enjoy nature at its finest.

We are a very laid back Grotto that prefers parties to politics and music to motions. If you are like-minded, please join us!

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